Bobcats News · 3/25 Workout for GH Student-Athletes

Wednesday 3/25/20

1.Push-ups 3 x max reps

  • 6sec down 6sec hold at bottom 6sec up
  • Most comfortable hand position
  • Elevated hands on box if not good at push-ups the higher the easier

2.Standing Plank walkouts 4 x good burn

  • Standing put hands on floor with straight of legs as possible.
  • Walk hands out to push-up position then walk hands back till standing

3.Bear Crawls 4 x good burn

  • Just keep going no set distance until you get a good burn in the arms and shoulders

4.Prone butterfly swimming x1min, 2min, 3min

  • On your stomach pretend to butterfly swim for the time

5.Prone Freestyle swimming x 1min, 2min, 3min

  • on your stomach pretend to swim freestyle for the time

6a. V-ups x 10

6b. Toe Touches x 20

6c. Lying Penguins x 30

  • on back feet flat touch outside of feet by only moving your upper body

6d. Plank x 30sec

Do all 6a – 6d for 4 sets
Kirk Sabalka CSCS
Sports Performance Coach
Nationwide Children’s Hospital