Bobcats News · 6/3 Workout for GH Student-Athletes

Wednesday 6/3/20
1.Glute Activation Series
A. Dead Bug hold x 1min
    -lying on back legs in air bent at 90 degree
    -arms straight in the arm
B. Clamshell Opener Hold x 1min ea side
    – Lying on side legs bent feet together open knees 4-6”
    – Clench butt cheeks
C. Reverse Lunge with knee drive AMRAP x 1min ea leg
     – step back in a rev lunge when you come back to standing drive knee up like sprinting
D. Straight leg side lying hold x 1min ea leg
     – Lying on side with legs straight hold feet/legs apart  4-6”
     – clench butt cheeks
E. Cross Under lunge AMRAP x 1min ea leg
     – do a reverse lunge but instead of going straight back with foot reach 45 degrees to opposite side.
     – right foot reaches left, left foot reaches right
F. 45 degree bird dog holds x 90sec ea leg
    – on hands and knees reach one bent leg back 45 degree and then to the side at 45 degree and hold
G. Cross Under Lunge with knee drive AMRAP x 1min
     – same as cross under lunge before but add a knee drive to the end of the rep.
H. Dead Bug Hold x Till Good Burn
2. Walking Lunge x 1min, 2min, 3min
3. Feet Elevated Single leg Glute Bridge x,50,40,30,20,10
    – place feet on couch or bench lift one leg off and do the reps with one leg
    – clench butt cheeks at top of reps
    – but other leg across knee if struggling with reps
4. V-Ups x 25
    Sit-ups x 25
    Crunches x 25
    Toe Touches x 25
Do all in #4 for 2-3 sets

Kirk Sabalka CSCS

Sports Performance Specialist
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine