Bobcats News · 6/16 Workout for GH Student-Athletes

Tuesday 6/16/20
1. General Wam-Up Phase
Bodyweight squats x 10
Jumping jacks x 15
Seal jumping Jacks x 15
Front Skips 20yds down and back
Stationary side lunges x 8ea leg
Side Shuffle 20yds down and back
Stationary leg swing (front and back) x 10ea way
Stationary leg swing (side to side) x 10ea way
60% build-up sprint (Arm and posture Focus) 20yds down and back
Lunge Walk x 10 steps down and back
Backpedal x 20yds down and back
Squat jumps x 5
75% build-up sprint (knee drive focus) 20yds down and back
2. Ground Based Mobility
Glute bridges x 10
Iron Cross x 10ea leg
Rollovers into V sits x 10
Birddogs x 10ea way
Fire Hydrant circles 10fwd 10bkwd
Prone Scorpions x 10ea leg
Mountain Climbers x 10ea leg
Groiners x 10
3. Frequency Phase 
Low Pogo Jumps 3 x 20s
High pogo Jumps 3 x 10s
Quick Step 2 sets of 10yds
Wideouts 2 sets of 5s
lateral Quick Step 2 sets of 10yds
85% build up sprint 30yds
4. Jump Training
A. Kneeling Jumps 3 x 5
    – Toes pointed behind you
    – Jump must be made in a forward direction to avoid going on to toes to make the jump
B. Bulgarian Jumps 3 x 5 each leg
     – Rear Foot elevated on object such as couch
     – try to clear ground with straight front leg after initial bend don’t just pick your leg off the ground.
C. Vertical Jumps 2 x 5
5. Cardio
Burpees 10
Mountain Climbers 50
Sit-ups 20
High Knees in place 40
Lying Toe Touches 30
10min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
Start with 1-2 min jog
Then sprint 80% effort length of 2 houses
Walk the length of 2 houses

Repeat this process for 6min

Kirk Sabalka CSCS

Sports Performance Specialist
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine