Home and Visiting Fan Game Day Information/ODH Sport Protocols

Grandview Heights Athletics Game Day Information – UPDATED 03/17/2021

GH Spring Sport Spectator Rules

  1.  All spectators must wear masks properly (over nose and chin) throughout the competition.
  2.  Spectators cannot congregate before or after games in groups at the facility.
  3.  Spectators who attend the games should socially distance themselves from other spectators (i.e. 6 feet apart) unless you are from the same household.  Groups of four spectators who know each other can sit  together as long as they distance from other spectators.
  4.  Spectators should utilize all parts of our facilities to maximize social distancing (e.g. sit outside of the outfield fence in baseball/softball).
  5.  Athletic Department Staff will attend spring sport home events and are charged with monitoring crowd sizes, mask wearing and social distancing.
  6.  There will be no concessions available.

ODH Sport Protocols:

Baseball: http://bit.ly/ODHBBRecs                                                   Softball: http://bit.ly/ODHSBRecs

Boys Tennis: http://bit.ly/BTERecs

Track & Field: http://bit.ly/TFRecs